Fill your village and your newsfeed with other breastfeeding mummies.

Remember when you learned to write your name or tie your shoes? OK we don’t exactly remember those things either but what about that make up tutorial on YouTube or that killer yoga pose at the gym? You learned them by watching others do them right? And every time you saw someone with epic brows or nailing a Pilates class it made you a little more motivated to do the same.

Think of breastfeeding, and motherhood in general as much the same.

Tamika Newman (IBCLC) tells us

”Women learn how to breastfeed by observing other mothers. This is WHY we need to be surrounded by breastfeeding images and see other women breastfeed”

And we love this.

This world we live in is pretty amazing, many of us have travelled to a foreign state or country to make our adult lives. We connect with family and friends in all kinds of interesting virtual ways. But that means our “village” is spread out and not necessarily available when we need a hug or someone to hold the babe while we run to the bathroom.

So when we enter this interesting (& often a little challenging) new chapter of our lives, we need to fill our villages and our newsfeeds with real mummies, who are living through these same chapters with us.

Find real, raw and uplifting people to connect with. Whether it is a group of beautiful women who collect at your local health centre or café for a weekly coffee catch up, a virtual mums groups, connecting with strong, wise women like Tamika Newman and Dr Rhiarne Pronk-Scholes or following women and brands on social media who share honest and real content.

Find people who share their breastfeeding journeys and feel brave to share yours. Imagine if by sharing stories and pictures of your breastfeeding journey, you could help another mother to feel confident to continue feeding her little person for a little longer!

We want to normalise breastfeeding. Will you join us in sharing your breastfeeding journey with your village?