Why we chose to use cross-bust zips in our feeding friendly clothing.

When we were designing this range, we explored a variety of different options to figure out what was going to offer our mummas the best combination of function, fun and fashion.

We explored zips that run partway down the side, but we found it a little awkward getting the opening up to boobie-height without feeling your tummy was fully uncovered. (Watch this space...we think we might have solved this one for bump & breastfeeding babes!)

We explored a peek-a-boo flap but heard a few too many stories about them being blown up when the wind got a little cheeky.

We explored the 2-way cross-bust invisible zip...and we loved it! Getting the designs right meant an invisible zip blended so nicely and didn't scream "I AM A BREASTFEEDING TOP". Plus the 2 way action meant it was super easy to open up either side, or both (hello tandem feeding mummas!!).

We even added the diagonal invisible boobie zips to our Willow shirt dress as, while buttons can make for easy feeding access, we found they can also leave you feeling like you're half-naked from the waist up.

Have you tried our range or any other feeding styles and found something you love? Let us know!

We want The Milkmaid's Closet to be a range that works for you and your life, so tell us what you want to see in the range and together we can make a little mumma-magic!